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Suitable for R.O. & R.O.P.P. Cap sealing for any shape and size of Glass and Pet bottles, Aluminium & metal containers. Can also be used for Tear off Seals on Glass vials etc.

Machine used in Liquor, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverages, Oil, Cosmetics, House Hold Products and Misc Industries etc.


60-350 BPM on any shape and size of Bottles/Containers


4-15 Heads as per the output requirement



  • Complete machine in Stainless Steel.Main Body in properly machined and painted MS Plates(thickness 25mm) cladded with SS-304 sheets of 1.6mm thickness.
  • Inbuilt conveyor of 8 ft length manufactured in SS 304 sheet of 2.5 mm thickness, with MCC Chain and Geared motor of 0.5 HP Bounfiglioli and frequency drive of Allen Brandley/Danfoss/Siemens for synchronization.
  • Inbuilt Hopper Cap Feeder suitable for feeding standard ROPP caps of 22/25/28 mm. This will be made from Gun Metal Casting and driven by a separate Bounfiglioli geared motor of 0.5 HP with frequency drive of Allen Brandley /Danfoss /Siemens.
  • Special design Sigma Heads (Sleek and compact) with 2 Nos. each Threading and Sealing rollers suitable for handling both PET and Glass bottles.
  • Main drive of 2 HP with frequency drive of Allen Brandley/Danfoss/Siemens.
  • Simple and compact design
  • Touch Screen, Coloured HMI with BPM Meter and Counter.
  • No bottle at Infeed  - Machine Stop.
  • Bottle Jamming at Outfeed - Machine Stop.
  • No Caps in the chute - Machine Stop.
  • Cap Chute Full - Feeder Stop.
  • Motorised Lubrication pump of CENLUB or Equivalent reputed make.
  • All Sensors of P & F/Sick make.
  • All Change parts made from Cast Nylon (Plate thickness - 20 mm)
  • Main panel in SS/MS Powder coated of BCH
  • All electrical components including Contactors, Relays, Fuses, Electronic timers, Switches and other components etc. of Schneider.
  • All Pneumatics from SMC
  • Complete SS safety hood with Acrylic Sheets.
  • Prebuffed SS SHEETS used in manufacturing
  • Motorized Up and Down movement of the machine with Bounfiglioli geared motor of 0.5 HP.


  • Overlap (4 ft+4 ft) at infeed end.
  • Geared motor with frequency drive for above overlap.
  • Overlap (4 ft+4 ft) at Outfeed end.
  • Bulk Cap elevator for automatic and controlled/synchronized feeding of caps into the cap feeder
  • Standard heads/Guala Heads/Zigma Heads instead of SIGMA heds.
  • Disc Cap feeder/ Vibratory cap feeder for STELL/DEEP DRAWN/GUALA/TEAR OFF/RO Caps instead of Hopper cap feeder.
  • Automatic rejection of bottles without cap at outfeed.
  • Cap cleaning with compressed  air and vacuum in the cap chute

CONVEYOR HEIGHT - as per requirement(with adjustment of 50 mm)

Machine is fitted with one set of the change parts suitable for one size & shape of Bottles and Caps(Additional sizes and shapes can be run with  additional change parts at an additional cost as and when required.